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Intelectual Property Solutions


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Since 1965 protecting intellectual property assets in Brazil and abroad

Under the values of experience and innovation, Britânia is a specialized office that works in the constant defense of intellectual property since its foundation in 1965.

Our mission is to prepare the best strategy to protect our clients; intellectual assets, advising them in Brazil and abroad, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, industrial designs, software, among others.

Our strategy goes beyond the act of registration, starting with the mapping of the assets that can be protected by each client, registering them and following up with continuous
monitoring, reinforcing the protection of the assets in administrative, extrajudicial and judicial claims.

Our Services

Always committed to the best technique, we provide efficient and fluid service to our clients in a wide range of areas.


Tecnologic Innovation

We analyze the viability of registration and design strategies to protect our clients; innovative and technological solutions, such as patents, utility models, software, integrated circuit topographies, and industrial designs. Our service also includes feasibility studies, formulation of measures against third parties, consulting, and business orientation in the area of technology and intellectual property.



With experience in the transfer of rights and contracts in the publishing, music, audiovisual, advertising, and related fields, we perform the administration and management of copyrights and related rights for artists and companies.


Antitrust law

In order to prevent third parties from unduly using our clients' assets, we keep track of their assets in specialized databases and in the digital environment, preventing and fighting the dilution of the value of intellectual property, acts of unfair competition, parasitic use, and piracy. As part of the continuity of the registration acts, it is important to act when third parties misappropriate our clients'; assets, through copying, plagiarism, partial or complete reproduction, causing unfair detour of clientele, commercial or reputation damages to our clients.


Areas of performance

Our performance extends, mainly, to the counseling of claims related to intellectual property in the administrative, extrajudicial, litigation, mediation and arbitrage chambers.


Trademarks and distinctive signs

We provide advisory and litigation services, assisting our clients in the search for registry, maintenance, and monitoring of their own processes and those of third parties, including digital media, as well as in the dispute resolution involving distinctive signs, such as trademarks, corporate names, trade names, and domain names.


Sports law

We offer services to manage the authorizations of athletes'; image rights, broadcasting rights of sports competitions, brand monetization as Naming Rights, and licensing of sports clubs' brands.



We draw up several types of contracts, including technology transfer, non-competition, confidentiality, trade secret and franchise agreements, trademark licensing, product distribution, and other intellectual assets such as patents, domain names, copyrights, among others.


Other services

In the scope of our corporate advisory services, we also provide assistance in compliance with the General Law of Data Protection (LGPD), registration of documentation in Blockchain, legal advice regarding intellectual assets in the metaverse environment, and valuation of intangible assets.

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Our team

We serve our customers with efficiency and fluidity, always committed to the best technique in various areas of activity.

Bachelor's Degree (1988) and Master's Degree (2017) in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC/SP. Ricardo takes the place of the office's leader and manager, directing the team and sharing his extensive experience and knowledge in the field. He is a specialist and lecturer in corporate, commercial, and intellectual property law, and studies the intersections of these areas with sports law.


Ricardo Piragini


Bachelor's Degree (2003) in Law from the University of Mogi das Cruzes and Postgraduate Degree
(2015-2016) in Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Media Law from the Superior School of
Law of the Brazilian Bar Association. Current Secretary of the Industrial Property Law Committee
of the Brazilian Bar Association of Pinheiros.


Ana Roberta


Bachelor's Degree (2021) in Law from Universidade Federal de Lavras - UFLA, Postgraduate student (2022-2023) at Escola Superior de Advocacia da OAB Nacional (ESA/OAB) in LGPD, Privacy and Data Protection. Current member of the Industrial Property Law Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association of Pinheiros.


Luna de Fatima Carneiro

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We have been working for over 55 years in intellectual property consulting and advisory,
preparing legal opinions, conducting viability studies and strategies for protection and
surveillance of intellectual assets owned by clients and third parties.


We also provide administrative, procedural, and non-judicial representation of clients in
various segments of commerce, industry, and services.

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